Hi, I’m Oluwaseun Oyeniran.

I’ve been doing a systematic study of what a truly great life entails since 2013. I created OyES Education that same year as a teaching and learning platform for personal effectiveness. I’m the author of the #1 Amazon Hot New Release, The Power of Vision, a life-transforming book documenting the principles and practices that depict enduring greatness as found in my six-year research investigating nine truly great people. I'm also known for my Enduring Greatness newsletter, which is sent out each week. Click here to learn more and sign up.

You can find me elsewhere on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Author of The Power of Vision
  • Founder of OyES Education
  • Host of The Powered by Vision Show
  • Publisher of the Enduring Greatness newsletter
  • Speaker at conferences and events

How My Work Will Benefit You

I'm an advocate for time-tested ideas and principles. The central question I explore through my work is, “What makes people truly great in life?” or put in another way, “what depicts a life that is truly impactful and significant over mere success”

In other words, I want to find great ideas and explain them in a way that is easy to use and apply to daily life.

My writing focuses on topics like…

  • How to align with core principles that informs greatness
  • develop a stronger core indentity and believe in yourself
  • How to live a value oriented life
  • How to dream big and not fall into the doom loop
  • How to achieve meaningful results without overwhelming yourself
  • How to be significant in life over and beyond mere success

Most of all, I write about how to put these ideas into practice in daily life.

Most of the concepts I write about aren’t my own. They are ideas I discover and build upon after many hours of reading and research. I look for insights from all fields: architecture, biology, economics, history, mathematics, physics, philosophy, and more. I consider it my job to find the best ideas and explain them in a way that is actionable and easy-to-understand.

As humans, we make progress by adding layer upon layer of knowledge. We all benefit from the insights of those that have gone ahead of us. My desire is to also be able to leave an “intellectual legacy,” for those coming behind and I’m trying to add a little bit of knowledge to the pile by creating this website and sharing my work.

I don't claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm happy to share what I've discovered so far. My work isn’t the only way to think about life, but it’s how I think about it. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful as well.

You can start by reading my articles or check out my books.

About Me

Here are a few notable things about me…

Author of Amazon top New Release book, The Power of Vision.

  • Hundreds of copies sold on launch day.
  • Became #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases
  • Listed in numerous countries world-wide.

Founder of oyeseducation.org and the Enduring Greatness weekly newsletter.

  • Creator of a number of proprietary tools for personal growth and effectiveness.
  • Hundreds of email subscribers.
  • Increasing visitors per year to oluwaseunoyeniran.com and oyeseducation.org.

Speaker at conferences and events.

  • I deliver 1-2 speeches per month about habits of extraordinary individuals and their institutions.
  • Previous platforms featuring thousands of audience include Universities, Group Retreats, Conferences, Seminars, workshops, and many more.
  • If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please click here to submit a request.

Involvement in the academia and research interests.

  • At Hull university Business School in 2010, I won the "The Going Global" award for my essay titled: Responsible Leadership for A Complex World
  • Best desertation applying econometric models
  • Distinction award in my masters program
  • Postgraduate Faculty Rep
  • Sat on Faculty boards for Quality Committee (QC) and Teaching Learning and Assessment Committee

Charity and community work.

  • Each year, I fund the OyES Education Scholarship program out of profit and personal contribution.
  • I am always looking out for partners and supporters who can help fulfill my bigger mission of helping others realize their full potential. I strongly believe in education as they way to empowering the coming generations and to secure the future.
  • To date, we have provided educational support for over 100 young Africans.

Other Projects and Interests

Things that fascinate me, but that I typically don't write about include…


I love thoughtful, well-designed products. This is partially why I am a fan of Apple products. I enjoy things that blends the aesthetic beauty of nature and practical functionality. My love for design led to the creation of some platform where I put my design skills and ideas to play. Govibly is my design and creative platform and my branding and design company is Alpha Plus Designs

Book recommendations.

As a researcher and writer about core principles of life, you can expect that I do a lot of reading. After years of research, I created my personal reading list with favorites from a wide-range of categories including the best business books, best self-help books, best biographies, and more.

Great speeches.

As a side project, I like to search for insightful speeches that are not well known. Whenever I find a gem, I create a transcript and add it to my list of great speeches. If you find any amazing speeches and you feel will be good for other to learn kindly send it to me.

Sports and athleticism.

My mom once told me I got the athletic genes from my dad who I found a lot of his old pictures holding a tropthy of a sporting event when he was younger. I love basketball, soccer, biking and table-tennis and I am intermediate to proficient to an extent at these sports. I also enjoy running and other athletic activities.


 I enjoy traveling and visiting new places. And in doing that I love taking great pictures. In my Instagram highlight you will find a list of my travel highlights, my travel journeys and the gears I like to geek out with during my trips.


I've taken photos in more than 10 countries and I've loved every minute of it. I have many favorite places, including Auckland - New Zealand, Montego Bay - Jamaica, Calgary - Jamaica, London - England, Lagos - Nigeria, Accra - Ghana, and Washington DC - USA. Through photography, I have come to appreciate great composition and the beauty of life. You will find some of my photographs uploaded here.

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